Columbus Wisconsin to Rochester Minnesota

June 2006: Jim and I loaded up our bikes and got on a train from Winona, MN to Columbus Wisconsin and rode back home. It's a distance of about 240 miles over four days. On the first day we road from Columbus to Mirror Lake state park taking highway 16 to Portage then riding along the Levee Road towards the park. On the second day we picked up the 400 trail in Reedsburg and then connected with the Sparta/Elroy trail. We spent a rainy night in a rustic campsite in Sparta. On the third day, we took the Great River trail to its end. Unfortunately, the end is a bit confusing as it can take you through an endless loop in a wildlife refuge. After getting off the trail, we crossed the Mississippi to Winona and stayed in the state park there. The last day was the trip back to Rochester. We followed a rain storm going west and eventually caught up to it just as we got in to Rochester.

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