Preston - Harmony Spur
The Preston to Harmony trail is a southern spur from the main Root River Trail. Unlike the rest of the trail, it is not an old rail bed. It climbs over rolling hills and provides much more of a challange than anywhere else in the system. There is much more of a workout going to Harmony than on the return. Make sure you're ready to climb some hills before attempting this ride and bring plenty of water. You will spend more time in the sun than on the rest of the trail because it travels mostly by corn fields without tree shade. Expect to ride about 12.3 miles each way. Just remember, you can coast much of the way back. The steepest climbs are in the middle third of the ride.

There are places to eat and shop in both towns. We ate lunch at the Intrepid Traveler in Harmony. The menu includes a few sandwiches and pasta salads. We had the grilled asparagus and brie and the ham with dijon mayo sandwiches. Both were satisfying and came with a side of rotini salad. They also sell bottled beer but the big lemonade with free refills is a winner.

Harmony has antique shops, touristy gift shops and an active Amish community. The woodcarving museum had its annual show over the weekend and we saw some really impressive work.

In Preston, the trip starts at the Trail Head Inn. The Inn offers lodging, ice cream, snacks, tee shirts and bike rentals.




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