Douglas Trail
The Douglas Trail is a 13.5 mile ride from Rochester to Pine Island, MN. It is mostly flat, though construction in Rochester forces riders on to 55th street which has a couple of moderate hills. When going off the trail, turn left on to 55th street and continue to 60th avenue and turn right. Once the pavement ends, the trail appears on the left. We've been riding the 27 mile round trip on Saturday mornings and stopping for breakfast at the Whispering Pines diner in Pine Island. It's a great place to recover most of the calories burned on the ride. Giant pastries, plate-sized pancakes and fine pies are on the menu. More information about the trail (including a map) from the state's Department of Natural Resources can be found here.

Trail access can be obtained from Valley High Road in Rochester, downtown Douglas, County Road 3, and in Pine Island. Rochester, Douglas and Pine Island have parking and picnic areas. There is limited roadside parking at CR3.




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